Reimagining Life Education

Access the knowledge & tools you need to navigate adulthood.

The Problem.

Emerging Adults haven't been taught to manage their finances, health, and relationship. With countless resources available, emerging adults don't know who to trust and what to use to help them elevate their life.

What we're doing about it.

LyfeLit fills the gap - for both the students AND the universities.

  • Concise, action-driven learning modules that cover everything from financial literacy to health and well-being.

  • Personalized recommendations and tools that meet students where they are at and gets them to where they want to be.

  • Real-life rewards from our network of partners for learning, taking action, and making progress.


The content felt relevant and helpful, I’ll continue to use it throughout my college career and beyond- Female, Freshman

"Found it useful to be able to micromanage my life"

- Male, Senior

"Felt understood - that someone is recognizing the issue that we're facing"

- Male, Sophomore

The Benefits

Exponential growth in students utilizing university resources and attending events

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